Welcome to Flight Experience Brisbane

Airline Academy of Australia Building, Qantas Avenue, Archerfield Airport, Brisbane

Flight Experience™ in Brisbane can make your dreams come true. How many grown men (and women) dreamed about being becoming a pilot when they were children? Somehow, things never worked out and you ended up in another job, and have only been able to wonder what it would have been like.

Well now you don’t have to wonder. Flight Experience™ Brisbane can help you relive your childhood and actually get to fly in a Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator! Or perhaps it’s someone you know that would love to have their chance in the Captains seat. With our online Gift Vouchers it’s only a click away and you can make the dream come true.

We’re located in the Airline Academy of Australia Building on Qantas Avenue. Check out directions on the Contact Us page. We have off-street parking available, right outside our door.

Our environment at Archerfield Airport will immerse you in the world of aviation and make you feel like a real pilot. Bring along a couple of friends for no extra charge. They can sit directly behind you in the ‘jump seat’ and share your experience!

Flight Experience™ is a Boeing Officially Licensed Product and also approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to train real pilots. Please check our Flights page for the extensive Flight Packages available to a wide range of clients. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t have any experience, are an airline pilot with 20,000 hours or anything in between, there’s something at Flight Experience for you.


P.M. Fear of Flying customer, WA

Having recently completed the Fear of Flying course through Flight Experience WA it gave me the confidence to fly and I recently returned from a two week holiday in Ireland...read more

Elise Fear of Flying customer, NSW

Since working with the incredible and supportive team at Flight Experience, I have not only overcome this fear, but now look forward to getting on a plane. Something I didn't think was possible...read more

Jennifer Fear of Flying customer, NSW

The Pilot Session today was fantastic! Absolutely fascinating. Mike went way over time and I could have stayed for hours longer. I was enjoying the discussion so much the time flew by...read more

Kelly Fear of Flying customer, NSW

I'm not sure that I won't have difficult moments in the future, but I would like to say that the course has really helped me, in a way that would have been hard to imagine at the outset...read more

Amanda Hooton Journalist - SMH, Good Weekend

And what do you know. I can hardly believe it, but the fear is gone. It's as if the space in my head once taken up by blind terror is now occupied by a kind of personalised flight manual...read more

Frank Murray

An experience I may never forget. Great personnel and would recommend this experience to all our friends and family.

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